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Manhattan Studio Luxury Apartment.

manhattan-luxury-studio-apartments-1024x545 Manhattan Studio Luxury Apartment.

Living in Manhattan is always a must as this is a city which offers amusement, excitement, and a lot of glamour!

So maybe you are looking to find Manhattan luxury studio apartments which would be perfect if you want to live by yourself.  Or why not with your fiancé as studio apartments, in many cases, have enough space to accommodate 2 people.

Riverplace, located at 650 West, 42nd Street, is a building where luxury meets function and play.  At Riverplace, you can find studios for rent that have many of the desired amenities.

I´ve been doing some research on the web site, and found two studios which I personally found very interesting:

Residence 22 & 23: luxury studio apartments. 

The first one (Residence 22) has an 18´8´´ x 11 living room with open kitchen and breakfast bar. Its currently unoccupied and is ready for move in. It features top-of- the line stainless steel appliances, minimalistic bathrooms, expansive windows and views of the Manhattan skyline and waterfront. You can rent it for $2790.

Residence 23 is a high floor studio with ample space. It also features stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, modern kitchen with blend of surfaces, and bathrooms with European- style vanities, stone-countertops and generous storage.

Both units are great and very similar, but in my opinion Residence 23 is better as it is on a high floor and the views are stunning.

Also both units include clean lines, warm natural finishes and open floor plans.

Views are panoramic, where at night you can enjoy a sea of light and during the day superb architectural landmarks.

River Place offer its residents very interesting amenities which, all together, make it a great place to live.

You can enjoy the indoor swimming pool, lightened outdoor tennis courts, indoor basketball court, children´s playroom, concierge service and valet parking garage.

It is located near main restaurants and shops just minutes away from Times Square and Manhattan East Side.

So if you are considering moving to your next apartment, Riverplace can be a good option.