High rise building apartment rental in New York

High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele’s Tetrahedron

one-bedroom-apartments-manhattan-1024x524 High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele's Tetrahedron

Each and everyone in their life time dreams about living in a high rise building. Either owned or rented, it does not matter. Unfortunately, many people don’t pursue their dreams because they think they are out of reach. But today, as the world’s infrastructure is changing at a increasing rates, allowing apartments to become more affordable for people. 

A lot of real estate businessmen are now trying to bring down the forever high rental apartments to reach of normal people like you and me. If it is not possible for you to buy it, you can get a hi-rise apartment in Manhattan for rent. Yes, it has now become possible for people with normal wages to live their dream of living in a hi-rise luxurious apartments in Manhattan. There are several hi-rise luxurious apartments who offers one or two bedroom with a huge living room and a kitchen.

The best part is that you can get a luxurious yet, fully furnished apartment at affordable rates. Now you don’t have to squeeze in with your friends or family members in a single bedroom apartment. Just look for the best high rise building apartment in Manhattan and your work is done. No extra charges, no donation amount, just the rent and then you too can call yourself living in a hi-rise luxurious apartment.

Bjarke Ingel’s Tetrahedron

If you love to live in style and in a home with beautiful aesthetics then you definitely have to take a look at this. Bjarke Ingel is one of the world’s finest architects whose work is praised by many. Tetrahedron is one of his finest work so far in the Manhattan. It offers a some of the best designed apartments for rents at relatively low costs.

High-rise building apartment rental in New York is no doubt an expensive deal. Everywhere you go, you will have to pay a huge amount to get one for yourself. But this is not with Tetrahedron. Take a look at this, a rental apartment number 1211 situated in 12th floor of Tetrahedron. Apart from all the basics amenities which will get, the apartment itself is the best thing for you. From designer fixtures, microwave, dishwasher, extra large closest everything is made available for you. Specially the hardwood flooring which is enough to make your day. All these in just a nominal charge.

So think about it, everything you have dreamed of, you are getting it here at affordable range. So why wait for others grab this opportunity to live your dream.