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High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.

high-quality-apartments-in-manhattan2 High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There are different tools for searching High Quality apartments in Manhattan.

How many times have we´ve wanted to find high-quality apartments in Manhattan and do not know where to start from? The whole process of moving is stressful but fortunately, in an era where internet is mandatory, we can use tools that will help us out with our needs.

Now, there are certain pros and cons of using these kind of methods. They may seem very useful at first but then we realize there were not so perfect as they looked like. Why´s this? Let´s analyze the pros and cons of using these internet tools:

As we mentioned before when we want to find an apartment in New York we usually use Rental-Finding Websites, there are several renamed sites in the market which are quite famous and millions of users flock to them daily, such is the case of: StreetEasy, Craiglist or Zumper.

Each one of them will promise you the best, it’s a real blood sport in a jungle City like New York. But the question is which of them really offers the best service and publications? Again we start stressing before even starting our search.

A site like Craiglist for example, is the website where you can find anything you need, studios, three bedroom apartments or even a roommate, It´s constantly updated and is easy for landlords to share their listings but it also outstands for offering incorrect locations or details so, at the end, you wasted much more time than you´ve desired.

street-easy-no-fee-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
If you will use Street Easy no fee search browse to rental section first.

, is one of the most popular sites, it´s easy to navigate and has an excellent search criteria but although rentals on this site tend to be nicer than a many others their inventory thins out the farther you get from Manhattan. Search tool includes a “no fee option” but you need to browse to “rental” section to enable it.

zumper-no-fee-apartments-finder High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There is no a “no fee” option in Zumper… even if you try it!

Zumper is quite original and different form the rest, offering a useful map view where you can find your residence easier. It shows you result as a series of dots with numbers representing the exact quantity of apartments you can find in that specific area. As you zoom the dots you´ll get more specific information, but not all its listings gives the actual address and, instead, you´ll only get the cross streets. Bad news it´s a little hard for searching specifically no fee apartments as you can see in the image above.

first-service-no-fee-apartments-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
At http://firstservicenyc.com/ you have an specific option for searching “no fee only” apartments.

If you are looking for Midtown Manhattan no fee apartments you can search them through another website known as First Service New York City, here you can get the most complete listings of residences and apartments at excellent prices. Its easy interface will allow you to navigate through the web easily saving you time and effort. It will display beautiful pictures of apartments so you can find the one of your dreams and it also counts with a “no fee only” option where you will be able to search the best luxury apartment (despite the redundancy) at no fee, so this is without any doubt a HUGE pro for this site.

So here are some of the pros and cons of searching your next New York apartment for rent through a Rental-Finding website and in my opinion, I must say that all these sites are a necessary evil as at the end will help us find our next home the best way as possible.

Hope you found my post interesting and don´t forget to make any suggestions if you feel like 😉