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4 Eco-Friendly Residences in Nomad

4-Eco-Friendly-Residences-in-Nomad 4 Eco-Friendly Residences in NomadIf you are in search of an awesome apartment for rent and at the same time considering eco-friendly homes, you are in the right place!

NoMad has everything it takes to make your dream of the perfect home come true, with exactly what you need.

Nowadays, the world’s construction business is more conscious about preserving nature, and that’s why it’s changing at considerable rates and the most important issue is the degradation of nature.

In NoMad, you can find truly beautiful green apartments and here are 4 examples of them:

1. Tiny homes  – built in NoMad are a great option if you are searching for eco-friendly places to live. These unique constructions offer residents comfort with a green lifestyle they have always desired.You can choose among bamboo or laminate flooring, sheet metal roofing, bronze aluminum windows and more. Maybe these kind of homes are not so luxurious, but the convenient prices at which they are sold are enticing for people who know that small space doesn´t necessarily mean small design.

2. EOS NOMAD- 100W 31ST St., Unit- 23E – This nice studio is located in one of the most outstanding buildings in NoMad. The features include a linen closet, large living room, and hardwood floors. The EOS building has been constructed keeping in mind the true value of nature. Take a look!

3. The Vanguard Chelsea- 77 West 24th Street, Chelsea Flatiron District – This building offers green residences for rent, located in one of Manhattan’s most outstanding neighborhoods. offering its residents contemporary and comfortable apartments. Take a look at this 2 bedroom apartment which can be your for $ 7,000/month. It’s modern, large, very luminous and comes equipped with top of the line appliances. Must see!

4. NoMad Hotel, 1170 Broadway – Not everything is about finding an apartment to call home. Maybe, you are the kind of person who loves staying in hotels. Green Hotels, even! And, in this case, you can find the NoMad Hotels launched by Oceania Hotels Group in November 2014. Here you can stay at a 100% eco-friendly building, which works hard to keep its parameters of green living. So, if you are not searching for an apartment to rent and in fact, you love staying in hotels, this is a great option for you.

Search for your favorite place to live and enjoy the best of eco-friendly residences in NoMad.