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5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

Finding apartments for rent is not an easy stuff. Thousands of properties are on rent or sale and sometimes pictures doesn´t truly reflect how the apartment looks looks like.If you are searching for Bronx apartment rentals, YouTube can be of great help when searching for your new residence. So here is a list of 5 YouTube listings so you can search for your Bronx apartment and find exactly what you need:

bronx-apartment-for-rent-300x172 5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

1. Parckchester- 2000n E Tremont Avenue

This is a beautiful two bedroom, one bath condo for rent located at Parkchester, the top community at Bronx which offers its residents absolutely everything they need.

It features big windows, hardwood floors, green area views, high ceilings, newly painted walls and granite countertops. It´s luminous and spacious.

Look at the video above or learn more about Parkchester here:


2. Bronx Morris Heights

Rent this under market three bedroom apartment. It´s luminous, comfortable with spacious layout , great closet space and hardwood floors. Located near Fresh Markets, transportation, banks and schools.
You can´t miss it!

3. 236 and Riverdale- Bronx

Take a look at this Bronx apartment rental. It is a huge duplex with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, modern, luminous and with style.
It features stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, granite countertops, wood cabinetry and an amazing eastern facing terrace. It’s nearby markets, banks, restaurant row in Riverdale and more.

4. Castle Hill- Westchester Ave.

This is a brand new studio with ceiling fans, porcelain tiles, hardwood floors, central heat, and wood cabinetry. It also features a great fireplace, something hard to find in a studio.
This unit is also located near main transport.
It can be yours!

5. 165th Street- Walton Avenue –Bronx

This is a large studio apartment newly renovated, with wardrobes and storage place. It´s sunny and spacious. It features wood cabinetry in a large separated kitchen and a full size bathroom with stylish ceramic and full size bath tub.

Have you decided where you’d like to move? Choose the Bronx!





One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

luxury-midtown-west-apartments-1024x593 One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

A many incidents can be observed when people are unable to buy an apartment, not even a single bedroom apartment, let alone a luxurious apartment. So the best trick is to rent one. Well it can prove to be your one of the smartest decisions. Not only you will have an apartment of your own but, if possible, you can get a luxurious one too.

If you are talking about your own accommodation, then renting a single bedroom apartment can be the best option for you. There are lots of people around the globe who are happy living in their one bedroom apartment. Things will work according to you and you can do anything you want, no one will be their to say you anything.

One Bedroom apartment in Manhattan

If you are looking for a perfect place to live in Manhattan, this content might price to be a useful one for you. Here we are going to discuss some points which you can consider while looking for an apartment in New York City. You can  find many one bedroom apartments in Manhattan but to find a perfect, yet a fully furnished one would be difficult.

Many say that living in a single bedroom apartment is a difficult job, it’s better to rent a studio. But one bedroom apartment can be much more beneficial than you have thought. The first thing is that you certainly will get more space than a studio. There are many other benefits which you will get to know once you rent it one for yourself.

Silver Towers

Silver Towers is one such apartment building which can offers you a NYC luxurious apartment at an affordable cost. You can get a fully furnished apartment here in Manhattan at for a great deal, which otherwise would not have been possible.  You can get no fee luxury apartment in New York City.

Why Silver Towers?  

You might be wondering, why should I opt for Manhattan and specially Silver Towers building?  Well, you are getting a one bedroom luxurious apartment at an affordable rate. You yourself would agree to the fact that luxurious New York City are quite costly and it may put a lot of strain into your pockets at the end of the month.

Apart from this, you can get a diverse range of benefits from around here. Restaurants, malls, transportation are quite accessible through Silver Towers. If you opt to buy top floor apartments, you will have a clear view of whole city and you can also experience what NYC looks at night from a birds-eye view. Some of the popular buildings like Empire State Building and World Trade center are nearby. So you can get their anytime you want.

Average Rent for Luxury Apartments Midtown West Manhattan, NY depending on floorplan.

Want to know why the area of Midtown West is so cool and highly valued? Well… it’s because we can find the most renowned commercial zones, theaters, tourists attractions and tall office buildings. It stretches from Times Square to Central Park South. Here you will also find the ABC NEWS, Broadway marquees and MTV Studios.

one-bedroom-luxury-apartments-manhattan-1024x573 Average Rent for Luxury Apartments Midtown West Manhattan, NY depending on floorplan.

Want to go for dinner or lunch? Enjoy the best food at TGI Friday´s or at Dave and Buster´s, you´ll love it!

Visit the New York´s  Public Library or take a walk in Bryant Park.  You´ll be amazed to see how many things you can visit at this area. So if you are searching for NYC apartments Midtown West may be you should consider these magnificent residences for rent and find yours!


  1. Luxury studios apartment in Midtown West:

According to Zillow: At Avalon, 250 W 50th Street, you can find luxury studios starting from $2,931.  This is 428 sq. ft., but you can also rent a 559 sq. ft. studio for $3,473.

Take a look! 


  1. One bedroom luxury apartments-Manhattan Midtown West

Woow! These available one bed units I also found on Zillow. This is pure luxury, just see these residences at JW Marriot Essex House, located, nothing more and nothing less than in the exclusive area of Central Park. Here you can find just two units for rent in this building. A 730 sq.ft. for $7,850 with 2 baths, and a 650 sq.ft. and one bath for $ 9,200. But if this rent doesn´t fit your budget there are other great opportunities in the area, trust me.

You can find an available apartment for rent at a very convenient price in this luxury building located in Times Square. You can find two bedroom residences starting from: $ 4,290, but what we are interested here is the one bed apartment for $3,690 and studios for: $ 2,790. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to live and you should take these residences into account. Find them here!

  1. 2 bedroom luxury apartments at Midtown West:

If you want to rent a two bedroom apartment of 1,040 sq.ft. at the fabulous Gotham West (550 W 45th St.) then you should take a look at this Nest Seekers publication.

You can rent it for the price of $5,744 and start enjoying this boutique styled building considered one of the top residences in Manhattan. But if you are searching for a more affordable price, yet, excellently well located, maybe you should consider this apartment:

A great opportunity in the prime theatre district! Rent it for just: $ 2,900!


  1. Three bedroom apartment -West 54th and 7th Ave.

Finding 3 bed apartments Midtown West is possible! If not take a look at this Zillow publication


You can rent it for $4,650! 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in the middle of it all, just steps away from Times Square! Other residences of this kind, in this specific area do not drop below $6,000. Take a look at this Nest Seekers post.


Don´t miss opportunities and go now for the apartment of your dreams!


All things considered, one of the best options available in apartments for rent at convenient prices is this luxury building located in Times Square. You can find two bedroom residences starting from: $ 4,290, one bed for $3,690 and studios for: $ 2,790. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to live and you should take these residences into account.

Hope you got a clear idea of the average prices in Midtown West  and that you can find very soon the residence you´ve been searching for all this time!

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High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.

high-quality-apartments-in-manhattan2 High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There are different tools for searching High Quality apartments in Manhattan.

How many times have we´ve wanted to find high-quality apartments in Manhattan and do not know where to start from? The whole process of moving is stressful but fortunately, in an era where internet is mandatory, we can use tools that will help us out with our needs.

Now, there are certain pros and cons of using these kind of methods. They may seem very useful at first but then we realize there were not so perfect as they looked like. Why´s this? Let´s analyze the pros and cons of using these internet tools:

As we mentioned before when we want to find an apartment in New York we usually use Rental-Finding Websites, there are several renamed sites in the market which are quite famous and millions of users flock to them daily, such is the case of: StreetEasy, Craiglist or Zumper.

Each one of them will promise you the best, it’s a real blood sport in a jungle City like New York. But the question is which of them really offers the best service and publications? Again we start stressing before even starting our search.

A site like Craiglist for example, is the website where you can find anything you need, studios, three bedroom apartments or even a roommate, It´s constantly updated and is easy for landlords to share their listings but it also outstands for offering incorrect locations or details so, at the end, you wasted much more time than you´ve desired.

street-easy-no-fee-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
If you will use Street Easy no fee search browse to rental section first.

, is one of the most popular sites, it´s easy to navigate and has an excellent search criteria but although rentals on this site tend to be nicer than a many others their inventory thins out the farther you get from Manhattan. Search tool includes a “no fee option” but you need to browse to “rental” section to enable it.

zumper-no-fee-apartments-finder High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There is no a “no fee” option in Zumper… even if you try it!

Zumper is quite original and different form the rest, offering a useful map view where you can find your residence easier. It shows you result as a series of dots with numbers representing the exact quantity of apartments you can find in that specific area. As you zoom the dots you´ll get more specific information, but not all its listings gives the actual address and, instead, you´ll only get the cross streets. Bad news it´s a little hard for searching specifically no fee apartments as you can see in the image above.

first-service-no-fee-apartments-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
At you have an specific option for searching “no fee only” apartments.

If you are looking for Midtown Manhattan no fee apartments you can search them through another website known as First Service New York City, here you can get the most complete listings of residences and apartments at excellent prices. Its easy interface will allow you to navigate through the web easily saving you time and effort. It will display beautiful pictures of apartments so you can find the one of your dreams and it also counts with a “no fee only” option where you will be able to search the best luxury apartment (despite the redundancy) at no fee, so this is without any doubt a HUGE pro for this site.

So here are some of the pros and cons of searching your next New York apartment for rent through a Rental-Finding website and in my opinion, I must say that all these sites are a necessary evil as at the end will help us find our next home the best way as possible.

Hope you found my post interesting and don´t forget to make any suggestions if you feel like 😉