5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

Finding apartments for rent is not an easy stuff. Thousands of properties are on rent or sale and sometimes pictures doesn´t truly reflect how the apartment looks looks like.If you are searching for Bronx apartment rentals, YouTube can be of great help when searching for your new residence. So here is a list of 5 YouTube listings so you can search for your Bronx apartment and find exactly what you need:

bronx-apartment-for-rent-300x172 5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

1. Parckchester- 2000n E Tremont Avenue

This is a beautiful two bedroom, one bath condo for rent located at Parkchester, the top community at Bronx which offers its residents absolutely everything they need.

It features big windows, hardwood floors, green area views, high ceilings, newly painted walls and granite countertops. It´s luminous and spacious.

Look at the video above or learn more about Parkchester here:


2. Bronx Morris Heights

Rent this under market three bedroom apartment. It´s luminous, comfortable with spacious layout , great closet space and hardwood floors. Located near Fresh Markets, transportation, banks and schools.
You can´t miss it!

3. 236 and Riverdale- Bronx

Take a look at this Bronx apartment rental. It is a huge duplex with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, modern, luminous and with style.
It features stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, granite countertops, wood cabinetry and an amazing eastern facing terrace. It’s nearby markets, banks, restaurant row in Riverdale and more.

4. Castle Hill- Westchester Ave.

This is a brand new studio with ceiling fans, porcelain tiles, hardwood floors, central heat, and wood cabinetry. It also features a great fireplace, something hard to find in a studio.
This unit is also located near main transport.
It can be yours!

5. 165th Street- Walton Avenue –Bronx

This is a large studio apartment newly renovated, with wardrobes and storage place. It´s sunny and spacious. It features wood cabinetry in a large separated kitchen and a full size bathroom with stylish ceramic and full size bath tub.

Have you decided where you’d like to move? Choose the Bronx!





Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent – why some people still believe this impossible.

Bronx NY luxury apartments for Rent

apartments-for-rent-in-the-bronx Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent - why some people still believe this impossible.

If I mention the Bronx, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Violence? Insecurity? Theft? Ok, fortunately this just what only a few people think, they got stuck in images of the 70´s and 80´s where The Bronx was a dangerous neighborhood.  During this time you couldn’t even think about Bronx NYC rentals!Movies like The Warriors had a lot to do with this thought.

Movies like The Warriors had a lot to do with this type of thinking.  This 1979 film directed by Walter Hill is centered on a New York City gang who must return to their turf after being framed for the murder of a gang leader. It´s a movie full of violence and vandalism which involves The Bronx.  Contributing to people thinking this neighborhood is still dangerous for whoever lives in it.

New York City has changed dramatically since then and now it is a cool, safe place to live.   So if you want to live in a Bronx, NY apartment, let me tell you it´s an excellent choice!

Bronx residents had been doing everything they could to remove the scorch marks from its name when in the early 70´s poverty, insecurity and crime pushed away residents in droves. This borough was considered in urban decay and it is has been hard to clean its image and make people understand it has truly changed.

It had made so much progress that now it offers amenities like high-end hotels, local craft breweries, green buildings and even a Donald Trump-branded golf course!

Now you can find in Bronx luxury apartments for rent at affordable prices and its neighborhoods are nowadays a safe place to live!

So people must forget about this old neighborhood and focus on its advantages today and if they want to rent apartments at Bronx they must do it without hesitating.

luxury-apartment-in-the-bronx Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent - why some people still believe this impossible.
Do the maths…

But also take into account that as the Bronx´s image changes for good….its rents also increases and the prices are starting to heat up! Such is the case of Mott Haven, at the southern tip of the Bronx where upscale development and renovations ranged 47% while in Brooklyn, for example,increased 11%. The same forces that are making this borough attractive to renters with more money also attracts developers, as new buildings and the conversion of old residential and industrial space has been taken over the “new” Bronx.

If you can´t believe how luxurious a big apartment in the Bronx can be and how affordable compared with small apartments in other NY neighborhoods check this one:  . Perfect for a whole family for the same cost of a studio apartment in Manhattan.

Also I found this video very interesting about this point:

So come on! Leave your prejudices aside and enjoy of a luxury Bronx rental apartment at an affordable price in a great place to live!