Author: Jason Garland

“Pokemon Go the Next Sales Point”, a Professional Brokerage Team Said.

You might be amazed seeing such a heading but it is so true. If you go out of your house and see people running after something with their phones in hand, don’t get surprised, it’s Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has provided nearly a million of users a cause to go out of their homes.

professional-brokerage-team-in-new-york-city-1024x578 "Pokemon Go the Next Sales Point", a Professional Brokerage Team Said.

Be it a kid or a full grown man busy with his regular day job. Everyone is busy playing Pokemon Go and catching Pokemon every time they go out.

Pokemon Go : A spectacular gaming platform

Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon with the help of your smart phones. The game is developed in such a manner that whenever you go to a new place you will find a pokemon their and you will have to catch it so that you can compete with it later on. The game has gained huge fame in a short period of time.

Even some widely popular companies like Nintendo and Google has invested in the game. So this time whenever you see people running around here and there with their phones in hand don’t get surprised because you know why, there is a Pokemon right in front of them.

Pokemon Go : A new Sales Point for brokerage teams in NY.

People who are completely into this game know how important it is to find a new Pokemon. While this game is proving to be the best game so far, yet it has a drawback. Not everyone who is fond of this game is able to run around catching Pokemon all day long. The best thing for such people is to get find a proper place where they will be able to find as many Pokemons as possible.

For this very reason, many who are looking forward to buy or rent a new apartment asks their agents about the proximity of Pokemon Go. Even the professional brokerage teams in New York are making use of such aspects to make their sells. Some of them even mentioned that apart from all the other amenities, which an apartment should have, the people who are visiting the apartments are looking for best spots to catch Pokemon.

Since it is a GPS based game, the game itself tells the players about all possible locations where one can find pokemons. For this purpose, many are making use of the tools from property management New York City agencies to match with their phones locations.

One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

luxury-midtown-west-apartments-1024x593 One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

A many incidents can be observed when people are unable to buy an apartment, not even a single bedroom apartment, let alone a luxurious apartment. So the best trick is to rent one. Well it can prove to be your one of the smartest decisions. Not only you will have an apartment of your own but, if possible, you can get a luxurious one too.

If you are talking about your own accommodation, then renting a single bedroom apartment can be the best option for you. There are lots of people around the globe who are happy living in their one bedroom apartment. Things will work according to you and you can do anything you want, no one will be their to say you anything.

One Bedroom apartment in Manhattan

If you are looking for a perfect place to live in Manhattan, this content might price to be a useful one for you. Here we are going to discuss some points which you can consider while looking for an apartment in New York City. You can  find many one bedroom apartments in Manhattan but to find a perfect, yet a fully furnished one would be difficult.

Many say that living in a single bedroom apartment is a difficult job, it’s better to rent a studio. But one bedroom apartment can be much more beneficial than you have thought. The first thing is that you certainly will get more space than a studio. There are many other benefits which you will get to know once you rent it one for yourself.

Silver Towers

Silver Towers is one such apartment building which can offers you a NYC luxurious apartment at an affordable cost. You can get a fully furnished apartment here in Manhattan at for a great deal, which otherwise would not have been possible.  You can get no fee luxury apartment in New York City.

Why Silver Towers?  

You might be wondering, why should I opt for Manhattan and specially Silver Towers building?  Well, you are getting a one bedroom luxurious apartment at an affordable rate. You yourself would agree to the fact that luxurious New York City are quite costly and it may put a lot of strain into your pockets at the end of the month.

Apart from this, you can get a diverse range of benefits from around here. Restaurants, malls, transportation are quite accessible through Silver Towers. If you opt to buy top floor apartments, you will have a clear view of whole city and you can also experience what NYC looks at night from a birds-eye view. Some of the popular buildings like Empire State Building and World Trade center are nearby. So you can get their anytime you want.

High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele’s Tetrahedron

one-bedroom-apartments-manhattan-1024x524 High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele's Tetrahedron

Each and everyone in their life time dreams about living in a high rise building. Either owned or rented, it does not matter. Unfortunately, many people don’t pursue their dreams because they think they are out of reach. But today, as the world’s infrastructure is changing at a increasing rates, allowing apartments to become more affordable for people. 

A lot of real estate businessmen are now trying to bring down the forever high rental apartments to reach of normal people like you and me. If it is not possible for you to buy it, you can get a hi-rise apartment in Manhattan for rent. Yes, it has now become possible for people with normal wages to live their dream of living in a hi-rise luxurious apartments in Manhattan. There are several hi-rise luxurious apartments who offers one or two bedroom with a huge living room and a kitchen.

The best part is that you can get a luxurious yet, fully furnished apartment at affordable rates. Now you don’t have to squeeze in with your friends or family members in a single bedroom apartment. Just look for the best high rise building apartment in Manhattan and your work is done. No extra charges, no donation amount, just the rent and then you too can call yourself living in a hi-rise luxurious apartment.

Bjarke Ingel’s Tetrahedron

If you love to live in style and in a home with beautiful aesthetics then you definitely have to take a look at this. Bjarke Ingel is one of the world’s finest architects whose work is praised by many. Tetrahedron is one of his finest work so far in the Manhattan. It offers a some of the best designed apartments for rents at relatively low costs.

High-rise building apartment rental in New York is no doubt an expensive deal. Everywhere you go, you will have to pay a huge amount to get one for yourself. But this is not with Tetrahedron. Take a look at this, a rental apartment number 1211 situated in 12th floor of Tetrahedron. Apart from all the basics amenities which will get, the apartment itself is the best thing for you. From designer fixtures, microwave, dishwasher, extra large closest everything is made available for you. Specially the hardwood flooring which is enough to make your day. All these in just a nominal charge.

So think about it, everything you have dreamed of, you are getting it here at affordable range. So why wait for others grab this opportunity to live your dream.