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West 57th: Apartments for Rent Inside a Pyramid. 

via-west-11-300x293 West 57th: Apartments for Rent Inside a Pyramid. 


Finding apartments for rent with Hudson River views are a must, but what if I told you that not only that you can live in a luxury apartment with this feature but, also that it is located inside a Pyramid?! Sounds crazy right?
Well, Via 57 West has this to offer and more.

With a unique shape, similar to a Pyramid, this construction is one of Bjerk Ingels most acclaimed projects.
It is located at 625 West, 57th Street and offers rental apartments with Hudson River views with the best amenities.
It´s a green construction, that cares for the environment, offering premium, smoke free rental residences, balancing the frenzy city with the calmness of nature.

Located in the middle of it all, in its surroundings you can find the best shops, fancy restaurants, grocery shops and more.

At VIA 57 West you can rent studios, one, two, three and four bedroom residences, so it´s ideal whether you want to move alone or with your whole family. All materials in units have been chosen respecting nature and the environment.

Luxury at VIA 57 West is everywhere around, with customs bathrooms with wood cabinetry, kitchens with top of the line stainless steel appliances, oak wood flooring on rooms and Bosch washer/Dryers.
Units are spacious, luminous with fine finishes and modern construction.

You can enjoy the most exclusive amenities you ever imagined such as: party room, chef’s kitchen, outdoor activities, four barbecue grills, gym, fitness lounge, swimming pool, basketball court and more!

Its neighborhood is charming, just steps away from the finest art, theatres and cultural areas. Take a walk alomg the river or relax at the park.

If you wanna rent apartments with Hudson River views, VIA 57 West is definitely THE place you should live.

Price Differences Between 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Tribeca

1-bedroom-apartments-for-sale-in-Tribeca-300x130 Price Differences Between 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale in Tribeca

Living in Tribeca is many people’s dream, and you can find several apartments for sale in luxury buildings that will surely blow your mind.

This neighborhood located in lower Manhattan is the place chosen by celebrities like Robert de Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio and Scarlet Johansson, among others. It’s fashionable, and includes modern buildings for sale and rent.

If you want to compare prices, take a look at this list:

a. One bedroom apartments for sale in Tribeca.

If you are planning to move to a one bedroom apartment and you don’t need much space, you can find beautiful apartments starting at $1.4M, depending on how luxurious the building is, location, etc.

Take a look!

b. 2 bedroom residences for sale in Tribeca.

In a two bedroom residence in Tribeca, you will feel comfortable living in such a spacious unit. Of course, prices vary compared to a one bedroom apartment, and in this case, the price starts at $3M.

Must see!

c. 3 bedroom luxury residences for sale in Tribeca

If you have a large family or you just want to enjoy living in a spacious luxury apartment, you can definitely find beautiful 3 bedroom units for sale in Tribeca.

These apartments range in price from $5M to $9M+.


A little bit expensive? Well…yes, but worth it if you can afford it!

Tribeca will always be considered the home of trend and fashion, and more and more celebrities as well as ordinary people are choosing to live in these beautiful residences.

Apartments with Storage Can Help You Save Space If You Work At Home

1-bedroom-luxury-rentals-lic-ny-300x225 Apartments with Storage Can Help You Save Space If You Work At Home

If you are planning to run a home-based business from your Long Island apartment, it is ideal to look for a residence that offers plenty of storage space. Fortunately, the new architecture and designs offered by these luxurious residences in the region have lots of storage that can help you save space if you work at home.

Many 1 bedroom luxury rentals, LIC NY, feature lots of storage space to help you run your business and stock up without making your house a mess. In addition to saving space, there are tons of other benefits to apartments with storage:

  • Your home looks uncluttered. Studies suggest how having a crowded and dirty workspace affects productivity and ideas. The mind is distracted with things messed up around the house. Keeping everything organized in storage space gives prompt innovation and productivity.

  • It does not create confusion between your living space and your home-based business. If you keep things organized and use the storage space available in the most efficient manner, you can easily run a business without messing up your house or your lifestyle.

  • There is a great deal of inventory capacity. If your business is running great, you may need additional inventory (in case you are working with products) to stock up. Having storage space allows you to easily store it without compromising on the look of your home.

  • In addition to helping you save space and organize things accordingly, storage also allows easy access and efficient usage. You don’t have to panic over your files or inventory if everything is organized accordingly in your storage space.

If you have a home-based business, it is ideal to look for LIC apartments with storage. Look for listings online, like and be clear about what you are looking for to find the best residential rental in Long Island city.

5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

Finding apartments for rent is not an easy stuff. Thousands of properties are on rent or sale and sometimes pictures doesn´t truly reflect how the apartment looks looks like.If you are searching for Bronx apartment rentals, YouTube can be of great help when searching for your new residence. So here is a list of 5 YouTube listings so you can search for your Bronx apartment and find exactly what you need:

bronx-apartment-for-rent-300x172 5 Bronx Apartments You Can Find in Youtube

1. Parckchester- 2000n E Tremont Avenue

This is a beautiful two bedroom, one bath condo for rent located at Parkchester, the top community at Bronx which offers its residents absolutely everything they need.

It features big windows, hardwood floors, green area views, high ceilings, newly painted walls and granite countertops. It´s luminous and spacious.

Look at the video above or learn more about Parkchester here:


2. Bronx Morris Heights

Rent this under market three bedroom apartment. It´s luminous, comfortable with spacious layout , great closet space and hardwood floors. Located near Fresh Markets, transportation, banks and schools.
You can´t miss it!

3. 236 and Riverdale- Bronx

Take a look at this Bronx apartment rental. It is a huge duplex with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, modern, luminous and with style.
It features stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, granite countertops, wood cabinetry and an amazing eastern facing terrace. It’s nearby markets, banks, restaurant row in Riverdale and more.

4. Castle Hill- Westchester Ave.

This is a brand new studio with ceiling fans, porcelain tiles, hardwood floors, central heat, and wood cabinetry. It also features a great fireplace, something hard to find in a studio.
This unit is also located near main transport.
It can be yours!

5. 165th Street- Walton Avenue –Bronx

This is a large studio apartment newly renovated, with wardrobes and storage place. It´s sunny and spacious. It features wood cabinetry in a large separated kitchen and a full size bathroom with stylish ceramic and full size bath tub.

Have you decided where you’d like to move? Choose the Bronx!





4 Eco-Friendly Residences in Nomad

4-Eco-Friendly-Residences-in-Nomad 4 Eco-Friendly Residences in NomadIf you are in search of an awesome apartment for rent and at the same time considering eco-friendly homes, you are in the right place!

NoMad has everything it takes to make your dream of the perfect home come true, with exactly what you need.

Nowadays, the world’s construction business is more conscious about preserving nature, and that’s why it’s changing at considerable rates and the most important issue is the degradation of nature.

In NoMad, you can find truly beautiful green apartments and here are 4 examples of them:

1. Tiny homes  – built in NoMad are a great option if you are searching for eco-friendly places to live. These unique constructions offer residents comfort with a green lifestyle they have always desired.You can choose among bamboo or laminate flooring, sheet metal roofing, bronze aluminum windows and more. Maybe these kind of homes are not so luxurious, but the convenient prices at which they are sold are enticing for people who know that small space doesn´t necessarily mean small design.

2. EOS NOMAD- 100W 31ST St., Unit- 23E – This nice studio is located in one of the most outstanding buildings in NoMad. The features include a linen closet, large living room, and hardwood floors. The EOS building has been constructed keeping in mind the true value of nature. Take a look!

3. The Vanguard Chelsea- 77 West 24th Street, Chelsea Flatiron District – This building offers green residences for rent, located in one of Manhattan’s most outstanding neighborhoods. offering its residents contemporary and comfortable apartments. Take a look at this 2 bedroom apartment which can be your for $ 7,000/month. It’s modern, large, very luminous and comes equipped with top of the line appliances. Must see!

4. NoMad Hotel, 1170 Broadway – Not everything is about finding an apartment to call home. Maybe, you are the kind of person who loves staying in hotels. Green Hotels, even! And, in this case, you can find the NoMad Hotels launched by Oceania Hotels Group in November 2014. Here you can stay at a 100% eco-friendly building, which works hard to keep its parameters of green living. So, if you are not searching for an apartment to rent and in fact, you love staying in hotels, this is a great option for you.

Search for your favorite place to live and enjoy the best of eco-friendly residences in NoMad.

Meeting Neighbors in Luxury Midtown Apartments for Rent

Once you have found luxury midtown Manhattan apartments for rent, you want to lock one down quickly. The area of midtown is very popular among renters and it can be hard to find an apartment that meets all your amenity wants and needs as well as location and size. When you find the right apartment, go for it!

Now that you have your new home, it’s time to meet the neighbors. But how do you make friends in your new luxury apartment building? It can be hard for adults to make new friends but thankfully many New York apartment buildings are taking great strides in bringing neighbors together and creating community settings.

Take for example, the amenities offered at midtown Manhattan apartments. You will find that some apartment buildings offer gyms and fitness classes. These are great areas in which to meet your neighbors especially if you like to work out. You can meet like-minded people who like to work out. Strike up a conversation with those in the fitness center and you may actually meet your new best friend!

Apartment buildings also have common areas such as game rooms or movie areas. In game rooms, use a pool table or dart board to strike up conversations with others. Play a quick game and provide info about yourself such as what you do for a living. Ask about local restaurants or shopping suggestions. By simply talking about your common interests such as food and grocery shopping, you can easily make new friends with your neighbors.

In apartment buildings where movie nights are prevalent, take time to go and have fun. Talk with your neighbors over popcorn and drinks while you enjoy a movie provided by your mutual landlord.

Be sure to find out what activities or get togethers your new apartment building is hosting and attend. Even if you only take part in one or two events, you will be able to get to know a few people and hopefully make new friends in your new apartment building.

Stay Green: Green-Living Residences in New York City

Green-Living-Residences-in-New-York-City-1024x497 Stay Green: Green-Living Residences in New York CityWith polluted, car-filled streets, green-seekers head to the outer boroughs where neighborhoods put green-living first and have plenty of park space thus less air pollution. Here is a list of New York City’s leading green neighborhoods based on the amount of park space, number of green buildings and cost of living.

Battery Park – Battery Park City is a waterfront enclave with strict construction guidelines to ensure that residential buildings will be built to high green standards.

Tottenville, Staten Island – Small and timeless, Tottenville boasts that everyone knows each other, large 19th-century homes on quiet, tree lined streets, old churches, a library, boutiques and strong public schools.

Bergen Beach, Brooklyn – Bergen Beach is a high-end, coastal community in South Brooklyn. There’s a variety of private schools however Bergen Beach stays a top draw because of the leading public schools. The air quality is excellent and there are parks everywhere.

Silver Beach, Bronx – This unique Bronx community flies under the radar. Silver Beach sits on a bluff above the East River between the Throgs Neck and Whitestone bridges. Silver Beach is a co-op community and pathways lead to each of the houses, not roads.

Forest Hills Garden, Queens – Dating back to 1908, Forest Hills Garden is one of America’s oldest planned communities in a 126-acre section of Queens.  The neighborhood was planned on the model of the garden communities of England. It is an upper-middle-class, mostly residential neighborhood full of Tudor mansions, stone homes, manicured lawns and historic churches.

Randall Manor, Staten Island – With maple and elm lined streets, Randall Manor is full of multicolored Victorian houses, bungalows, 1950’s brick ranches and wooden homes with views of New York Harbor and Lower Manhattan.

Kew Gardens, Queens – Kew Gardens has low ozone rates and less toxic pollution than other areas in Queens. It’s walking distance to a train station and the largest park in Queens, Forest Park which offers over 500 acres, a golf course, and a 4-mile horse path.

Emerson Hill, Staten Island – Greener than 99% of the Big Apple’s neighborhoods, Emerson Hill draws people who enjoy outdoor activities, gardening and bird watching. Emerson Hill is one of the highest points in New York City and the air is crisp and clean.

Green-living residences in New York City can’t always arrange their lives out in the outer boroughs. For those of you that can relate, you’ll be happy to know that there are eco-friendly luxury apartments in NYC to accommodate. The most unique would be VIA 57 West at 625 West 57th Street.

Attention Eco-Minded Architects!

Article-4 Attention Eco-Minded Architects!Article-4-2-1024x701 Attention Eco-Minded Architects!COOKFOX Architects is a medium-sized architecture firm, founded by Rick Cook and Robert F. Fox, Jr. in 2003 in New York City. The firm provides both new projects and works on the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, including a range of commercial, institutional and residential projects. COOKFOX Architects is a studio dedicated to a vision of integrated, environmentally responsive design. Guided by a passion for design excellence and a belief in the collaborative process, COOKFOX seeks select projects that fundamentally re-think how buildings interact with people and the natural environment. COOKFOX Architects are pursuing architecture that goes beyond LEED certification to restore, regenerate, and contribute to the urban environment.

As of March 6, 2017, COOKFOX Architects has posted a job opening for a Junior Architect in the Big Apple. The candidate’s qualifications include –

  • 2-3 years professional experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Architecture
  • Knowledge of building codes, standards and structures
  • Experience in all design phases, including construction document preparation and field observation
  • Comfort in working independently; demonstrates professionalism in dealing with a variety of high-end clients as well as vendors
  • Computer skills should include Revit, AutoCAD, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, SketchUp, and 3DMax
  • Self-motivated, energetic, and organized…

Now, just imagine being on the COOKFOX team that designed the eco-friendly apartments for rent in NYC’s NoMad neighborhood AND living there. That’s right! COOKFOX Architects designed apartment rentals in NoMad that are LEED Certified and located at 100 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. EOS’s 47 story building hosts corporate offices for Nike Inc. and provides 375 residential units. The Nike fitness center at EOS NoMad is over 15,000 square feet and supplied with the best Nike branded sports and training equipment. The fitness center includes a basketball court, yoga studio, spin studio, training area and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool. EOS NoMad is an eco-friendly mixed-use building with green apartments for rent in NYC with eco-minded amenities worthy of any Junior Architect.

Is it Possible to Live in a Building that you Designed?

CookFOX-Architect-Designed-Building-Article-4 Is it Possible to Live in a Building that you Designed?


When on the search for apartment rentals in NoMad, you may be wondering if it is possible to live in a building that you designed. Well, it is! There are a few ways in which you can have a hand in the design of apartment buildings, be it from an employment standpoint or purchasing an apartment where you get to make the design decisions. Either way, you do have some form of control, which makes living in an apartment that much more enjoyable.

Employment Positions

Eco-friendly apartments for rent in NYC can be found by looking for newer builds. If you have experience in the field of architecture, perhaps you can become involved with a project for the creation of new apartment buildings. Currently, COOKFOX is seeking a junior architect in New York with excellent design skills and 2 to 3 years of professional experience. If you fit the bill, this could be your “in” as far as designing an apartment in which you can live. This is just an example of how you can be involved in the design process of green apartments for rent in NYC.

Design before Move In

Some design firms allow individuals to come in and view apartments when they are not complete. These apartments may be for sale or rent and the individual who takes on the sale/rental will have input in the design process. This is more likely when purchasing an apartment, but is still a great way in which to put your creative touch on the home where you will live. When searching for apartments, use sites like to search for apartments where you might have a little design control. This makes the process more fun, plus you get exactly what you want in your new home!

Are There Still Good Deals on Apartments for Rent in Chelsea NYC?

apartments-for-rent-chelsea-nyc-1024x453 Are There Still Good Deals on Apartments for Rent in Chelsea NYC? Is it really profitable for a property owner to agree to a lease and later have to fork out eviction costs and turnover expenses?

In a article, both sides are explained in regards to concessions given by developers to new renters.

On one hand, concessions such as no fees (broker, leasing agent or otherwise), free month rent, free fitness center usage, free parking, construction concessions, etc. are great for the new tenant. It can also be great for business, if you get the right people. Welcome to the shadowy world of rental concessions.

Jed Walentas is CEO at Two Trees Management based in Brooklyn, New York. Two Trees Management owns, develops and manages residential, commercial and retail properties across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Two Trees Management is a family-owned real estate development firm, founded in 1968 by David Walentas and the late Jeff Byers. Two Trees has developed a portfolio worth more than $4 billion in real estate throughout New York City.

In the article, Walentas makes a wise point in his comment, “Filling buildings up with people that can’t really afford to be there is bad for everybody. We don’t want to fill the building up with people who are just there for the concessions and can’t really afford to be there when their lease is up, so we’ve changed that model a little bit.”

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of rental concessions slowing down. The article goes on to report that as of March 2017, there were 2,200 active listings in Manhattan offering either free rent or brokerage fees paid by the landlord.

One of the rentals included was apartments for rent near Chelsea NYC called EOS NoMad. Standing 47 stories tall, EOS NoMad is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and a no fee luxury apartment building. On some units, there is a free month of rent due to construction and calculated into the lease amount.

EOS NoMad has attracted the best of clientele and having a Nike-sponsored fitness center with an indoor and an outdoor pool helped plenty.