Month: May 2017

Is it Possible to Live in a Building that you Designed?

CookFOX-Architect-Designed-Building-Article-4 Is it Possible to Live in a Building that you Designed?


When on the search for apartment rentals in NoMad, you may be wondering if it is possible to live in a building that you designed. Well, it is! There are a few ways in which you can have a hand in the design of apartment buildings, be it from an employment standpoint or purchasing an apartment where you get to make the design decisions. Either way, you do have some form of control, which makes living in an apartment that much more enjoyable.

Employment Positions

Eco-friendly apartments for rent in NYC can be found by looking for newer builds. If you have experience in the field of architecture, perhaps you can become involved with a project for the creation of new apartment buildings. Currently, COOKFOX is seeking a junior architect in New York with excellent design skills and 2 to 3 years of professional experience. If you fit the bill, this could be your “in” as far as designing an apartment in which you can live. This is just an example of how you can be involved in the design process of green apartments for rent in NYC.

Design before Move In

Some design firms allow individuals to come in and view apartments when they are not complete. These apartments may be for sale or rent and the individual who takes on the sale/rental will have input in the design process. This is more likely when purchasing an apartment, but is still a great way in which to put your creative touch on the home where you will live. When searching for apartments, use sites like to search for apartments where you might have a little design control. This makes the process more fun, plus you get exactly what you want in your new home!

Are There Still Good Deals on Apartments for Rent in Chelsea NYC?

apartments-for-rent-chelsea-nyc-1024x453 Are There Still Good Deals on Apartments for Rent in Chelsea NYC? Is it really profitable for a property owner to agree to a lease and later have to fork out eviction costs and turnover expenses?

In a article, both sides are explained in regards to concessions given by developers to new renters.

On one hand, concessions such as no fees (broker, leasing agent or otherwise), free month rent, free fitness center usage, free parking, construction concessions, etc. are great for the new tenant. It can also be great for business, if you get the right people. Welcome to the shadowy world of rental concessions.

Jed Walentas is CEO at Two Trees Management based in Brooklyn, New York. Two Trees Management owns, develops and manages residential, commercial and retail properties across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Two Trees Management is a family-owned real estate development firm, founded in 1968 by David Walentas and the late Jeff Byers. Two Trees has developed a portfolio worth more than $4 billion in real estate throughout New York City.

In the article, Walentas makes a wise point in his comment, “Filling buildings up with people that can’t really afford to be there is bad for everybody. We don’t want to fill the building up with people who are just there for the concessions and can’t really afford to be there when their lease is up, so we’ve changed that model a little bit.”

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of rental concessions slowing down. The article goes on to report that as of March 2017, there were 2,200 active listings in Manhattan offering either free rent or brokerage fees paid by the landlord.

One of the rentals included was apartments for rent near Chelsea NYC called EOS NoMad. Standing 47 stories tall, EOS NoMad is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and a no fee luxury apartment building. On some units, there is a free month of rent due to construction and calculated into the lease amount.

EOS NoMad has attracted the best of clientele and having a Nike-sponsored fitness center with an indoor and an outdoor pool helped plenty.