Month: February 2017

Video Walk Through of Two Bedroom Residence Rentals New York

Video-Walk-Through-of-Two-Bedroom-Residence-Rentals-New-York-1024x485 Video Walk Through of Two Bedroom Residence Rentals New YorkWith all of the internet tools available today it is getting easier to search for apartments without leaving your home. Let’s say you are searching for two bedroom residence rentals New York, only because that is the search criteria I was using. Would you be more likely to look at a professional virtual tour, or a broker’s personal walk through video tour? Each has its pro’s and con’s, but I think I am partial to the professional virtual tour.

As I was searching for a 2 bedroom apartment online, I came across a couple of videos by this guy that calls himself “Mr. All Access”. The start of his videos are pretty good, but as soon as the intro finishes playing his camera work has a bit to be desired. Some of his shots are too close to get a good idea of the area, his camera goes in and out of focus, and if he messes up you can hear him curse. Which I find to be a bit funny. Other than adding the intro, which is the same for all of his videos, I don’t think he does any editing.

The two videos I watched were nice apartments. The first one was around Columbus Circle near the Time Warner Center, and the second was on the Upper West Side. Neither video gave a street address, so I have to call to find out the exact location.

I also came across a few virtual tour videos from These were the types of video tours that I was looking for….no music, no talking, just a quiet tour that shows the layout of the apartment. While the quality of the videos from Mr. Hill were better than those of Mr. All Access, I still didn’t find what I was looking for.

What I was hoping to find was a video tour of Via 57 West, a luxury apartment on the West side of Midtown. I found some videos of the construction phase, but nothing posted since the building has been open for tenants.

2 Bedroom Luxury Rentals in Flatiron District Less Than $ 4,000

As I continue to do my research on budget friendly apartments in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, I am finding that 2 things  do not belong in the same sentence….2 bedroom luxury rentals and less than $4000.

2-Bedroom-Luxury-Rentals-in-Flatiron-District-1024x658 2 Bedroom Luxury Rentals in Flatiron District Less Than $ 4,000

I’m not saying there are no 2 bedroom rentals in Flatiron for less than $4000. What I am saying is the Flatiron District rentals that are less than that are not in what most people consider a luxury building.

What I have found is that the average rent for a normal 2 bedroom apartment in the Flatiron District is around $3500 per month.  This price will get you a nice place to live in an older pre-war building.

There are 2 available units at 105 E 24th Street. Both units are over 800 sqft with 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom.  The first unit is listed for $3600, and the other is listed for $3350.  Both bedrooms are about the same size, and the apartments have hardwood floors, plenty of closet space, and a large living/dining area.  The 6 story building was built in 1939 and houses 43 rental units.

At 12 East 22nd Street, there is an available 2 bedroom, 1 bath unit listed for $3695 a month.  This rental building was built in 1925 and is only 3 stories tall with 7 rental units.  This unit has hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a faux fireplace.

If you are in the market for a true luxury building that has modern conveniences you are going to pay about 2x the amount for rent.  While $3500 will get you what you need to survive, and not much more, $7000 a month will get you a larger unit in a building that has onsite luxuries to make your life a little less hectic.  Take advantage of the buildings 24 hour concierge, state of the art fitness centers, pools, sun decks and terraces.  I’ve listed a couple examples below…

Chelsea-Landmark-Building-150x150 2 Bedroom Luxury Rentals in Flatiron District Less Than $ 4,000At 55 West 25th Street is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with 1008 sqft listed for $6695 a month.  The 36 story Chelsea Landmark building was built in 2005 and has 407 rental units.

The benefits of living in this luxury building include an on-site attended garage, WiFi throught the building, a 24-hour doorman and concierge service, a landscaped sundeck on the roof,  a fitness center with a yoga studio, resident lounge and meeting area, a party room with pool tables, and barbeques.



luxury-rentals-flatiron-less-4000-300x152 2 Bedroom Luxury Rentals in Flatiron District Less Than $ 4,000The 2 bedroom luxury apartments at 7 West 21st Street will run you about $7800 a month.  For this amount of money, at 7W21, you get access to an outdoor courtyard, roof deck, a state of the art fitness center, a childrens playroom, a 24 hour doorman and concierge, a game room with a golf simulator, and an in-unit washer/dryer.  Most apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows with solar shades, hardwood floors, and an oversized bathroom.

As you can see from these examples, rental prices in Flatiron District vary dramatically based on the type of lifestyle you want to lead.