Month: October 2016

5 Star hotel or Manhattan luxury studio apartments ?

Manhattanluxurystudioapartments-1024x556 5 Star hotel or Manhattan luxury studio apartments ?

Manhattan luxury studio apartments… better than Hotel?

Do you love living like Royalty? What about renting a Manhattan luxury studio apartment? Or may be staying at a 5 star hotel each time you travel to the Big Apple? Great choices aren´t they?

But ok, let´s see which one of these two options is most convenient for you.

We know living in Manhattan is absolutely awesome, and whether you live in this frenzy city or you travel to it often, you’re bound to have agood time!

At River Place NYC, you can find beautiful luxury apartments for $2890 or $2990/ month! And best of all you can enjoy its amazing amenities!

River Place is located at 650 West 42nd Street and offer its residents an oasis by the river.

These premier no fee rental apartments will allow you to live the luxury life you´ve always wanted, offering spacious studios, and one and two bedroom apartments with fantastic views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Hudson River.

A 24 hour doorman and concierge will greet you and will attend your needs, and a world of amenities will await you in this fantastic luxury building:

Fitness Center, indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis, indoor basketball courts, children´s playroom and a private gatehouse entry with circular driveway and on-site valet parking garage!

You will love living at River Place, which apartments feature, floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances and modern bathrooms with marble finishes.

It is strategically located, just steps away from Times Square in the cool neighborhood of Hell´s Kitchen.

You can also count on its full event calendar, where all year round you will be able to enjoy different activities and spend a wonderful time.Now if you are considering staying at a 5 star hotel, consider the fact that you´d end up paying much more!

Ten nights per month at a 5 star hotel in Manhattan averages $800/night which makes a total of $4000!So you should really think if it´s worth the price. For half the price you will be able to rent your own luxury apartment monthly making use of all its superb amenities!

River Place is, without a doubt, what you are looking for, River Place is definitely YOUR PLACE!

Your Guide to Complete Dog Care

Before moving to a High rise building apartment in Manhattan

high-rise-building-apartments-in-manhattan-and-dogs-1024x554 Your Guide to Complete Dog Care

Questions to ask Before Getting a Dog in NYC

New York City’s pet population in 2012, according to the NYC Economic Development Corp., was approximately 600,000 dogs. According to ASPCA, there has been a 3% increase in dog ownership annually over the past 4 years which means there are over 680,000 dogs living in New York City.

So before you bring home that cute little puppy with the waggly tail or the rescue dog you scored at the shelter, here are some questions to ask before you bring that canine home.

How big is too big?

Size matters, but maybe not as much as you think. Though it would seem to make sense to get a smaller dog for a smaller space, sometimes a big dog can do just fine in a smaller space, too.

Do you have time for a dog? If not, do you have enough money for a dog walker?

Dogs don’t like to sit still and nap in the sunlight like cats. They like to run around, play, and relieve themselves. 

Which breed fits your personality and circumstances best?

Some dogs adapt better to hanging out solo and some don’t. Corgis, for instance, are herding dogs and want to run around; the same goes for Boston Terriers. For a single person who works a lot, a smaller breed like a Poodle, Yorkie, Shih Tzu, etc. makes more sense. Many single males opt for the English or French Bulldog.

Is your building dog-friendly, or do you have to move to get a pup?

Before considering the dimensions of your place, you have to find out if a dog is allowed in the building. Some buildings that allow dogs have weight restrictions, typically stating “small dogs, up to 25 pounds,” and some prohibit breeds with aggressive reputations such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls. Many limit the number of dogs you can have. Even if your current building accepts large dogs or commonly banned breeds, introducing one into your life will significantly cut down on your future housing options if you stay in NYC.

How can you find a pet-friendly building?

One tried-and-true tactic is to hang around dog runs in the neighborhoods you’re interested in and chat up other dog owners about dog-friendly buildings. If you’re looking for a green living apartment rental in NYC, you might even score one without a broker’s fee this way. Most real estate search sites also filter by pet-friendliness. This doesn’t necessarily mean your pet will be allowed and you should dig further for details. And if you’re looking for a new apartment with a broker, make sure to let them know that you have a dog or are thinking of getting one, so they limit your search to pet-friendly buildings only.

Can you afford a dog?

In addition to any fees leveled by your building, dogs cost a lot of money. Even if you adopt or rescue and only pay a few fees upfront, there are vet costs, including necessary vaccinations, shots, medicine for fleas and ticks, micro-chipping to keep tabs on your little guy, food, treats, potty pads, a crate and/or carrier, bed, lots of toys, grooming and possibly a dog walker. One of the most expensive parts of having a dog is grooming. Usually grooming is every two to three months and in Manhattan grooming cost is around $65 plus tip and can be as much as $125.

57th Street Luxury Apartments for Rent with Dog-Care

There’s a new residential high rise on 57th Street with luxury living for you and your pooch. VIA 57 West, located at 625 W 57th St, New York City has teamed up with the American Kennel Club’s first 4,000 sq. ft. retail pet store and a pet care facility offering day care, boarding, grooming, training and walking services. Talk about a pampered pooch!

Green Luxury Apartments in NYC

VIA 57 West, or the “Pyramid”, is a 750-unit building resembling a distorted pyramid with a steeply sloped facade, rising 467 feet toward the northeast. The triangular structure has been described as a hybrid between a European perimeter block and a traditional Manhattan high-rise. With its angular balconies, around an integrated 20,000 sq. ft. green plaza, the block will connect with the waterfront and the Hudson River Park, taking full advantage of the surroundings while providing fine views with little traffic noise. The main attraction of VIA 57 West is the green living focusing on the Water, Earth, Air and Energy – water conservation and improved quality is a mandate building’s system, the use of “clean” material meeting strict performance and durability standards, the building’s system ensure efficient heating, indoor quality air and lighting for maximum comfort and control, and energy efficiency and performance strategies save energy and ensure resiliency. The massive Courtyard Oasis features 80 trees, nearly 50 species of native plants, and amenities beyond your expectations.  You may never want to leave VIA 57 West. VIA 57 West presents a range of studio, one, two, three and four bedroom apartment rentals, many with terraces and balconies. The building’s dynamic architecture carries through to the interiors to outdoor living. Each aspect of VIA 57 West’s design has been carefully planned to save water, reduce energy needs and promote the wellness of its residence.

Make VIA 57 West your new, luxury residence for you and your loveable dog!