Month: September 2016

Dumbo apartments for sale- some facts before you move

No, we are not talking about apartments for that lovable, floppy eared, flying elephant from the 1941 Disney animated film. Dumbo is actually an acronym for for a NYC neighborhood.

apartments-for-sale-dumbo Dumbo apartments for sale- some facts before you move

Where is Dumbo located and what it means the name?

Originally an industrial area packed with factories and warehouses, Dumbo is an acronym for the neighborhood Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass in the borough of Brooklyn, New York.  The neighborhood is bounded by Brooklyn Bridge Park to the north, the Brooklyn Bridge to the west, Brooklyn Heights to the south and Vinegar Hill to the east.

What residents think about Dumbo Brooklyn?

Dumbo has a whimsical vibe, and attracts artisans of many crafts, from ornate & positive murals decorating their walls to the colorful park benches that look like pieces of art. Graffiti is embraced and chalk art on the sidewalks is commonplace. It is a highly dog friendly community and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run is enjoyed by pups and their owners. The Oscar Award winner, Anne Hathaway, recently sold her loft condo at the iconic Clock Tower building in Brooklyn’s Dumbo ‘hood for $4,330,000. Lifelong resident of Brooklyn, Jerry Seinfeld, joked that Dumbo stands for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge”, but that New Yorkers added the “O” at the end because they did not want to live in a neighborhood called “Dumb”.

How much is the average value for a Dumbo apartment for 1 bed, 2 bed and studio apartments for sale?

Dumbo apartments for sale range as follows: Studio $700k to $1million, one-bedroom $900k to $1.8 million and two-bedrooms #1.3 to $2 million

Are Dumbo Brooklyn apartments for sale affordable compared with other NYC neighborhoods?

Yes, Dumbo is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn, and the best value all around. A two-bedroom apartment in Dumbo is $2 million versus Brooklyn Heights costing $3 million for the same size unit.

Which places of interest can you find near Dumbo and how long by car?

The Arts, great food, accessible transportation..there’s really no reason to leave your home in Dumbo. Dumbo has become a tech hub and many up and coming corporations are relocating to Dumbo, for instance the online store sensation – Etsy! But if you want to get away and are feeling adventurous, take the 15 minute drive to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and hop on the ferry to Governors Island. The 172 acre island is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise. Enjoy breathtaking never-before-seen views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the Manhattan high rises as you stroll through “The Hills”.



Meet Chelsea NYC, no fee rentals everywhere.

If you are planning to live in Chelsea, for sure, you will be able to enjoy several advantages.

chelsea-nyc-no-fee-rentals-1024x594 Meet Chelsea NYC, no fee rentals everywhere.

Chelsea is located on the West Side of Manhattan, and is a neighborhood which contains the Chelsea Historic District and its extension.

It is considered the center of New York City´s art world, and you can find more than 200 small to midsize galleries in the area , such as the Gegoshian Gallery which showcases modern art and represents more than 40 artists and estates in contemporary art.

Chelsea’s name came from an Old English origin and the theory of its meaning is chalk landing place.

Chelsea Manhattan takes its name from a Federal –style house in the area which had been named after the manor of Chelsea at London.

The closest airport to Chelsea is La Guardia, in New York City. You can get there in just 55 minutes.

Although, this neighborhood is primarily residential with a mix of apartment blocks, town houses and city housing projects, it is just a few minutes away from the main New York City attractions.

Compared to other neighborhoods, Chelsea NYC no fee rentals can be found everywhere! So start searching now for your favorite place to move!

At you can find great residences, and I want to share one with you that I really loved.

This building is located at 100 West 31st Street, and promises residents a pleasant stay with exclusive amenities and awesome views.

Its residences come with a sophisticated design, fine furniture, premium finishes and fixtures.

You can find a two bedroom, two bath apartment which features Laundry in unit, dishwasher, microwave, North and East exposure, floor to ceiling windows and great views of the city for: $ 6134.

This property is close to the Flatiron district, so when you step out of EOS, this neighborhood awaits. jJust a few minutes away, you will be able to visit awesome locations such as Bryant Park, Chelsea and you can also find no fee rentals in the Flatiron District.

So, come on! Meet Chelsea and its surroundings, you will love this location and you will surely find amazing apartments to call home!