Month: August 2016

No Fee Luxury Apartments NYC – Yes You Can Find Them

No-fee-luxury-apartments-NYC33-1024x622 No Fee Luxury Apartments NYC - Yes You Can Find Them

Finding a perfect apartment in New York City all by own can prove to be a challenging task. You might end up getting frustrated but will not be able to find a perfect living apartment for your own. It is because all such transactions are done through real estate agents and property management dealers.

One will have to approach them in order to find a perfect apartment to stay. But in such transition, the buyers will also need to pay a huge commission to the agents for finding them a place to live. This consequently increases the burden on the buyers. “You will have to approach real estate agents to buy an apartment in NYC” such myths no longer prevail anymore. If you want you can buy an ultra luxury Manhattan apartment without paying anyone anything, here are some few vital information which you should know before buying or renting an apartment.

Do I really need a broker?

The straight forward answer to such question is a big, NO. You don’t need anyone to just show you a an apartment which is for sale or rent. All they do is walk you to the apartment and take thousands for such. It is of no use, you can directly land on various luxury NYC apartment buildings and talk to them about your needs thus skipping the agents.

How much an agent charge?

The commission can vary a lot depending upon the location. If you are seeking an apartment in the middle of the city, they certainly will cost you a lot. The commission can range from 10 percent to 20 percent depending on the cost which you are going to invest for your apartment. Thus it is advisable, if you are not left with any choice than to hire a real estate agent, then do not ever tell the amount which you are going to pay for the apartment. It is often seen that the agents enlightens you about a luxury apartment whose sale is due closing dates and many are willing to buy it at any cost. It is nothing but just a trap to increase the bidding rates, don’t fall to such things and stick to your offer rates.

What should I do then?

Instead of going to a brokerage firm, you can directly land into the office of any residential building apartment and seek assistance. There are plenty of apartment buildings in New York such Silver Towers and Manhattan Skyline who offers no fee luxury apartment NYC. You can also look for search engine sites which offer the considerable apartments buildings without any charges.


Dumbo Apartments for Sale – Dumbo Brooklyn apartments industry.

apartments-in-dumbo-brooklyn-1024x582 Dumbo Apartments for Sale - Dumbo Brooklyn apartments industry.


Are you tired of looking for apartments in Brooklyn all over the place? Well you are in right place then. We have brought to you an incredible yet affordable place in whole of the Brooklyn where you can easily find an apartment of your own choice which is situated in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Dumbo! Does it sound unnatural? It may be but this is the place where you will certainly find a best apartment to move in.

Do you know Dumbo?

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass is what exactly it is known to the natives i.e Dumbo. Not long ago it was not considered as an ideal place to live in but as the days are passing by more and more business minded people started making use of the sites to construct new apartment buildings. Thus availing a lot of people in need of apartment got an opportunity to own a perfect apartment of their own.

If you are in urgent need of an apartment then you can look for the same here in Dumbo, Brooklyn and ensure yourself that you will definitely find one at negotiable deal but not for very long. Some of the most expensive projects have already started thus attracting loads of attention towards it irrespective of the budgets.

What is the average expected price for an apartment in Dumbo residence?

As already mentioned, the demand of apartment both family apartments as well as official apartments is increasing at a considerable rates. Being situated in one of the ideal places in whole of the Brooklyn, more people tend to opt for apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn thus making the price to increase continuously.

As per the reports, the average price of double bedroom apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn increased from $400,000 to $550,000 in past 10 years and it is expected to reach even higher limit by the end of this year. Some of the places where you can look for luxurious yet affordable apartments, which are situated in Williamsburg carry last recorded sale as of  $5.3 million. Some other places where you can look for affordable apartments are Brooklyn Bridge Park and 72 Poplar Street.

What other benefits you can get in Dumbo?

Apart from friendly neighborhood and a wonderful waterfront, you will be able to gain access to each and every corner of New York in a short period of time. You can also find a majority of office place here in Dumbo, Brooklyn as many businesses owners want to have a different place. People will have easy access to nearby stores and train stations. Practically if you seek to buy a Dumbo apartment for sale, your life will get much more easier and swifter than ever before. All you will need to do is reach to the exact place and lay forward your requirements and consequently see it get done.


Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent – why some people still believe this impossible.

Bronx NY luxury apartments for Rent

apartments-for-rent-in-the-bronx Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent - why some people still believe this impossible.

If I mention the Bronx, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Violence? Insecurity? Theft? Ok, fortunately this just what only a few people think, they got stuck in images of the 70´s and 80´s where The Bronx was a dangerous neighborhood.  During this time you couldn’t even think about Bronx NYC rentals!Movies like The Warriors had a lot to do with this thought.

Movies like The Warriors had a lot to do with this type of thinking.  This 1979 film directed by Walter Hill is centered on a New York City gang who must return to their turf after being framed for the murder of a gang leader. It´s a movie full of violence and vandalism which involves The Bronx.  Contributing to people thinking this neighborhood is still dangerous for whoever lives in it.

New York City has changed dramatically since then and now it is a cool, safe place to live.   So if you want to live in a Bronx, NY apartment, let me tell you it´s an excellent choice!

Bronx residents had been doing everything they could to remove the scorch marks from its name when in the early 70´s poverty, insecurity and crime pushed away residents in droves. This borough was considered in urban decay and it is has been hard to clean its image and make people understand it has truly changed.

It had made so much progress that now it offers amenities like high-end hotels, local craft breweries, green buildings and even a Donald Trump-branded golf course!

Now you can find in Bronx luxury apartments for rent at affordable prices and its neighborhoods are nowadays a safe place to live!

So people must forget about this old neighborhood and focus on its advantages today and if they want to rent apartments at Bronx they must do it without hesitating.

luxury-apartment-in-the-bronx Bronx NY luxury apartments for rent - why some people still believe this impossible.
Do the maths…

But also take into account that as the Bronx´s image changes for good….its rents also increases and the prices are starting to heat up! Such is the case of Mott Haven, at the southern tip of the Bronx where upscale development and renovations ranged 47% while in Brooklyn, for example,increased 11%. The same forces that are making this borough attractive to renters with more money also attracts developers, as new buildings and the conversion of old residential and industrial space has been taken over the “new” Bronx.

If you can´t believe how luxurious a big apartment in the Bronx can be and how affordable compared with small apartments in other NY neighborhoods check this one:  . Perfect for a whole family for the same cost of a studio apartment in Manhattan.

Also I found this video very interesting about this point:

So come on! Leave your prejudices aside and enjoy of a luxury Bronx rental apartment at an affordable price in a great place to live!


Apartments with Indoor Pool and Roof Terrace: A Must for Your Parties

Bryant Park Apartments No-Fee Rentals

Bryant-Park-apartments-1024x653 Apartments with Indoor Pool and Roof Terrace: A Must for Your Parties


A party without a pool is not a party! And if you add apartments for rent with roof terrace at NYC the party is completed! You can find no fee rental apartments at Bryant Park with all these amenities to really make your dreams come true. 

There are different ways to organize a party, for example, if you plan to invite your friends and celebrate in your building´s roof terrace, there are several tips you can take into account to make your private party a real success!

Rent an apartment with roof terrace and prepare a roof party!

apartments-with-rooftop Apartments with Indoor Pool and Roof Terrace: A Must for Your Parties

When summer comes the best way to party is outdoors, there is no doubt about that. If your building comes with a rooftop you will see how much better it is to appreciate the city from up high! The view is part of your landscape and will absolutely change your atmosphere while you spent a great time with friends! Imagine having your party while enjoying awesome views of Bryant Park?

Spread the word! Use social networks to invite your friends, Facebook is an excellent social tool!!! Keep in mind your guests will be receiving a lot of invites throughout the week before your party so use humor and make it sound special and attractive for them!

Music is a MUST! If you can´t afford a DJ…become one! Find or make a fun playlist and let the party begin!!

Prepare top drinks, cocktails and more! Your guests will love it! And wouldn´t want to leave early!

If your party is at night, use lights and leave your rooftop as illuminated as the city itself! Your event will shine like a star!

Break the grill out and prepare an awesome BBQ for your guests! Ah! And remember Chilean Salsa is a must.

Apartments for rent with an indoor pool for pool parties in NYC.

apartments-with-pool-1024x604 Apartments with Indoor Pool and Roof Terrace: A Must for Your Parties

You are also searching for  apartments for rent with an indoor pool because you are planning a pool party! That´s an excellent idea and never fails!

Make sure you have all the necessary stuff to make it fun! Plan a party in winter where guests can enjoy the swimming pool despite the 15 degrees below zero outside! Decorate the swimming pool area with colors and balloons, put music to recreate the atmosphere, prepare some drinks and use pool toys such as swimming noodles and diving items to make your party complete!

Taking all these into account I assure you, people will remember your party for good!! So start planning your perfect event and get ready to have the time of your life!

Curious facts.

bryant-park Apartments with Indoor Pool and Roof Terrace: A Must for Your PartiesBryant Park staff counts everyone in the park twice every day, at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

You might be there minding your own business, but hanging out in the park during those hours means you’ve become a part of all sorts of systematic data used in making decisions regarding future park developments.