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Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment


Luxury Midtown West apartments: Studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedrooms.
midtown-west-manhattan-1024x575 Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment

Right in Hell’s Kitchen you will find this incredible apartment building.  Not just any apartment building, but a luxury Midtown West apartment building.  Here is an overview of what you can expect from such a property in NYC.


There is a wide range of amenities at the River Place.  From a private drive and a shuttle bus.  Staying active is easy when you have convenient access to an indoor gym, basketball court, swimming pool and a tennis court along the river.

If you have children, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping them entertained as well.  There is an indoor playroom for the children to play in on the cold or rainy days.  Then there is also a fun outdoor playground area to get the kids to play in the warmer weather.

Floorpans and Availabilities in Midtown West apartments.

midtown-west-manhattan-luxury-studio-apartment-1024x605 Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment

One of the other great things about this building is that it offers studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartment rental options.  Making it a wonderful place to live for a wide variety of people in NYC.  For families, singles, couples and professionals, River Place is built around making your life work well.

With in each floorpan there are even still a variety of layouts in which you can choose.  Though availability is continually changing, there is generally a few options to choose from at any given time for any size apartment unit.

Luxury Studio Apartments in Midtown West Manhattan.
Studio-Apartments-in-Midtown-West-Manhattan-1024x605 Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment

Studio apartments at River Place are spacious and have large windows lighting up the space.  There is plenty of storage to keep all of your things out of sight.


One Bedroom Apartments advantages.

no-fee-luxury-apartments-nyc-1024x605 Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment

In a one bedroom apartment, you will find plenty of living space.  Great for having both a dining and living room.  The bathroom features marble flooring and porcelain tiles.


Two Bedroom Apartments: if you need more space.

two-bedroom-luxury-apartments-nyc-1024x605 Midtown Manhattan: New York Luxury Apartment

These are very large residences with great views overlooking Manhattan.  The kitchens are open to the living space and host a breakfast bar.

“Pokemon Go the Next Sales Point”, a Professional Brokerage Team Said.

You might be amazed seeing such a heading but it is so true. If you go out of your house and see people running after something with their phones in hand, don’t get surprised, it’s Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has provided nearly a million of users a cause to go out of their homes.

professional-brokerage-team-in-new-york-city-1024x578 "Pokemon Go the Next Sales Point", a Professional Brokerage Team Said.

Be it a kid or a full grown man busy with his regular day job. Everyone is busy playing Pokemon Go and catching Pokemon every time they go out.

Pokemon Go : A spectacular gaming platform

Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon with the help of your smart phones. The game is developed in such a manner that whenever you go to a new place you will find a pokemon their and you will have to catch it so that you can compete with it later on. The game has gained huge fame in a short period of time.

Even some widely popular companies like Nintendo and Google has invested in the game. So this time whenever you see people running around here and there with their phones in hand don’t get surprised because you know why, there is a Pokemon right in front of them.

Pokemon Go : A new Sales Point for brokerage teams in NY.

People who are completely into this game know how important it is to find a new Pokemon. While this game is proving to be the best game so far, yet it has a drawback. Not everyone who is fond of this game is able to run around catching Pokemon all day long. The best thing for such people is to get find a proper place where they will be able to find as many Pokemons as possible.

For this very reason, many who are looking forward to buy or rent a new apartment asks their agents about the proximity of Pokemon Go. Even the professional brokerage teams in New York are making use of such aspects to make their sells. Some of them even mentioned that apart from all the other amenities, which an apartment should have, the people who are visiting the apartments are looking for best spots to catch Pokemon.

Since it is a GPS based game, the game itself tells the players about all possible locations where one can find pokemons. For this purpose, many are making use of the tools from property management New York City agencies to match with their phones locations.

One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

luxury-midtown-west-apartments-1024x593 One Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan, New York City

A many incidents can be observed when people are unable to buy an apartment, not even a single bedroom apartment, let alone a luxurious apartment. So the best trick is to rent one. Well it can prove to be your one of the smartest decisions. Not only you will have an apartment of your own but, if possible, you can get a luxurious one too.

If you are talking about your own accommodation, then renting a single bedroom apartment can be the best option for you. There are lots of people around the globe who are happy living in their one bedroom apartment. Things will work according to you and you can do anything you want, no one will be their to say you anything.

One Bedroom apartment in Manhattan

If you are looking for a perfect place to live in Manhattan, this content might price to be a useful one for you. Here we are going to discuss some points which you can consider while looking for an apartment in New York City. You can  find many one bedroom apartments in Manhattan but to find a perfect, yet a fully furnished one would be difficult.

Many say that living in a single bedroom apartment is a difficult job, it’s better to rent a studio. But one bedroom apartment can be much more beneficial than you have thought. The first thing is that you certainly will get more space than a studio. There are many other benefits which you will get to know once you rent it one for yourself.

Silver Towers

Silver Towers is one such apartment building which can offers you a NYC luxurious apartment at an affordable cost. You can get a fully furnished apartment here in Manhattan at for a great deal, which otherwise would not have been possible.  You can get no fee luxury apartment in New York City.

Why Silver Towers?  

You might be wondering, why should I opt for Manhattan and specially Silver Towers building?  Well, you are getting a one bedroom luxurious apartment at an affordable rate. You yourself would agree to the fact that luxurious New York City are quite costly and it may put a lot of strain into your pockets at the end of the month.

Apart from this, you can get a diverse range of benefits from around here. Restaurants, malls, transportation are quite accessible through Silver Towers. If you opt to buy top floor apartments, you will have a clear view of whole city and you can also experience what NYC looks at night from a birds-eye view. Some of the popular buildings like Empire State Building and World Trade center are nearby. So you can get their anytime you want.

High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele’s Tetrahedron

one-bedroom-apartments-manhattan-1024x524 High Rise Building Apartment in Manhattan in the Bjarke Ingele's Tetrahedron

Each and everyone in their life time dreams about living in a high rise building. Either owned or rented, it does not matter. Unfortunately, many people don’t pursue their dreams because they think they are out of reach. But today, as the world’s infrastructure is changing at a increasing rates, allowing apartments to become more affordable for people. 

A lot of real estate businessmen are now trying to bring down the forever high rental apartments to reach of normal people like you and me. If it is not possible for you to buy it, you can get a hi-rise apartment in Manhattan for rent. Yes, it has now become possible for people with normal wages to live their dream of living in a hi-rise luxurious apartments in Manhattan. There are several hi-rise luxurious apartments who offers one or two bedroom with a huge living room and a kitchen.

The best part is that you can get a luxurious yet, fully furnished apartment at affordable rates. Now you don’t have to squeeze in with your friends or family members in a single bedroom apartment. Just look for the best high rise building apartment in Manhattan and your work is done. No extra charges, no donation amount, just the rent and then you too can call yourself living in a hi-rise luxurious apartment.

Bjarke Ingel’s Tetrahedron

If you love to live in style and in a home with beautiful aesthetics then you definitely have to take a look at this. Bjarke Ingel is one of the world’s finest architects whose work is praised by many. Tetrahedron is one of his finest work so far in the Manhattan. It offers a some of the best designed apartments for rents at relatively low costs.

High-rise building apartment rental in New York is no doubt an expensive deal. Everywhere you go, you will have to pay a huge amount to get one for yourself. But this is not with Tetrahedron. Take a look at this, a rental apartment number 1211 situated in 12th floor of Tetrahedron. Apart from all the basics amenities which will get, the apartment itself is the best thing for you. From designer fixtures, microwave, dishwasher, extra large closest everything is made available for you. Specially the hardwood flooring which is enough to make your day. All these in just a nominal charge.

So think about it, everything you have dreamed of, you are getting it here at affordable range. So why wait for others grab this opportunity to live your dream.

Average rent for Luxury apartments Bergen County depending on floorplan.

Ok, it´s not Manhattan but it is only 55 minutes away from Manhattan.You´d probably heard about Bergen County. This beautiful place founded in 1683 and one of the 21 counties of the State of New Jersey.
rental-apartments-bergen-county-1024x589 Average rent for Luxury apartments Bergen County depending on floorplan.

It is located in between the Boston/ Washington D.C. corridor and its prime location at the heart of New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan Region. With its 9000 acres and 21 parks its residents can enjoy practicing different sports such as skiing, skating, golf and jogging, among others. It is also near interesting centers of attraction: World of Wings (a Science and Nature Museum) to enjoy with all your family.  And enjoy the Fountain Spa, a place to relax and have a wonderful time or Games Paradise where you will be able to play anything, anytime! So game lovers get ready for this experience!

This is an absolutely awesome place to live where you can start a band new life right away! Actually lots of people live in Bergen County and work in Manhattan to save money in taxes. So to rent in Bergen County may be an interesting option for being near New York with a lower budget in terms of taxes and rent.

So, let´s see what´s the average price of the different residences of this luxury apartments in Bergen County:

  1. Luxury Studio – about $ 1,745

Find this luxury residence is located at Avalon Hackensack at Riverside. Enjoy this 483sqft studio in the heart of New Jersey for $ 1,745 Check this Trulia link:  but also you can find this other luxury studio at Ridge Point for this same price:


  1. 1 Bedroom- Bergen County.

At Briarwood Commons you can find a 1 bed apartment for rent starting from $ 1,265.  It´s 625sqft, and is the perfect location for an easy commute by bus or train to NYC. Enjoy its hardwood flooring and appliances. You can also rent another residence at this same building just a little bit more expensive: $1,365, yet it has the same footage (625sqft) Take a look!


  1. 2 Bed apartment for rent-Bergen County

This 2 Bed apartment is located at Saddle Brook. It´s lovely, recently renovated and freshly painted. It features a dining room, updated kitchen and full bath. According to Zillow this residence at Saddle River Rd is available for $1,400 

But maybe you also wanna take a look at this other 2 bed apartment, more expensive, but surely worth it!

As you can see it´s a 2 bed, 2 bath unit with balcony of 1,200sqft, its modern and beautifully furnished located at Tenakill Park W, Creskill.


  1. 3 Beds apartment: Edgewater

Luxury 3 bed, 2.5 bath of 1,640sqft located at Windsor at Mariners Tower and Cove with highly appointed features stunning views and indoor/outdoor swimming pool. You can rent it starting from $4,990 and up to $6,170. Choose yours!  Take a look!


  1. Two Bed at The Modern: luxury apartments Bergen County.

Watch this luxury two bed, 2.5 bath at this stunning 47-story glass tower which combines style and the highest quality standards of efficiency, located at Park Avenue, Fort Lee.

Make your dream come true and rent this 2 bed apartment for $3,770! But you can also find other 2 bed apartments at this fabulous building for $3,600 or $5,570 respectively. Take a look at this link and don´t miss the chance of moving to one of this awesome apartments!


This is just an idea of prices according to the floorplans, so if you are searching for Rental apartments in Bergan County fortunately this article was useful for you ;).


Have an awesome day!!



Average Rent for Luxury Apartments Midtown West Manhattan, NY depending on floorplan.

Want to know why the area of Midtown West is so cool and highly valued? Well… it’s because we can find the most renowned commercial zones, theaters, tourists attractions and tall office buildings. It stretches from Times Square to Central Park South. Here you will also find the ABC NEWS, Broadway marquees and MTV Studios.

one-bedroom-luxury-apartments-manhattan-1024x573 Average Rent for Luxury Apartments Midtown West Manhattan, NY depending on floorplan.

Want to go for dinner or lunch? Enjoy the best food at TGI Friday´s or at Dave and Buster´s, you´ll love it!

Visit the New York´s  Public Library or take a walk in Bryant Park.  You´ll be amazed to see how many things you can visit at this area. So if you are searching for NYC apartments Midtown West may be you should consider these magnificent residences for rent and find yours!


  1. Luxury studios apartment in Midtown West:

According to Zillow: At Avalon, 250 W 50th Street, you can find luxury studios starting from $2,931.  This is 428 sq. ft., but you can also rent a 559 sq. ft. studio for $3,473.

Take a look! 


  1. One bedroom luxury apartments-Manhattan Midtown West

Woow! These available one bed units I also found on Zillow. This is pure luxury, just see these residences at JW Marriot Essex House, located, nothing more and nothing less than in the exclusive area of Central Park. Here you can find just two units for rent in this building. A 730 sq.ft. for $7,850 with 2 baths, and a 650 sq.ft. and one bath for $ 9,200. But if this rent doesn´t fit your budget there are other great opportunities in the area, trust me.

You can find an available apartment for rent at a very convenient price in this luxury building located in Times Square. You can find two bedroom residences starting from: $ 4,290, but what we are interested here is the one bed apartment for $3,690 and studios for: $ 2,790. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to live and you should take these residences into account. Find them here!

  1. 2 bedroom luxury apartments at Midtown West:

If you want to rent a two bedroom apartment of 1,040 sq.ft. at the fabulous Gotham West (550 W 45th St.) then you should take a look at this Nest Seekers publication.

You can rent it for the price of $5,744 and start enjoying this boutique styled building considered one of the top residences in Manhattan. But if you are searching for a more affordable price, yet, excellently well located, maybe you should consider this apartment:

A great opportunity in the prime theatre district! Rent it for just: $ 2,900!


  1. Three bedroom apartment -West 54th and 7th Ave.

Finding 3 bed apartments Midtown West is possible! If not take a look at this Zillow publication


You can rent it for $4,650! 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in the middle of it all, just steps away from Times Square! Other residences of this kind, in this specific area do not drop below $6,000. Take a look at this Nest Seekers post.


Don´t miss opportunities and go now for the apartment of your dreams!


All things considered, one of the best options available in apartments for rent at convenient prices is this luxury building located in Times Square. You can find two bedroom residences starting from: $ 4,290, one bed for $3,690 and studios for: $ 2,790. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to live and you should take these residences into account.

Hope you got a clear idea of the average prices in Midtown West  and that you can find very soon the residence you´ve been searching for all this time!

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Manhattan apartment rental prices aren´t growing according with StreetEasy report.

More vacant apartments, more discounts from landlords and less people moving to the area has stopped rent growth in Manhattan, a StreetEasy report said. For some specialists, rent cost in the area was overpriced in past years and it´s just logic it must slow down at some point. 

rental-slow-down-in-manhattan-1024x556 Manhattan apartment rental prices aren´t growing according with StreetEasy report.
Rental prices slow down in Manhattan reports said.

Some examples reflects the slow down:  rent in May 2016 was $3,280 in Manhattan, much higher than the the average rents during same month in 2015.
Manhattan rents rose 2.3% year-over-year, far less from the 6.1% growth between May 2014 and May 2015, report said.

Factors contributing to the slow-down are include rentals staying on the market for longer than they had in the past.  Landlords lowering rents to catch tenants, according with an expert from the apartments finder tool StreetEasy.

Some concessions — even a free or 2 free months of rent  — from landlords also fed the trend.

StreetEasy economist Krishna Rao said that; “New York renters have grown accustomed to arriving at open houses with their checkbooks in hand, for fear of losing out on a property,” “Now, in the face of record-high prices, renters are pausing to weigh their options, easing urgency for summer shoppers in both boroughs.”

Madison Ave Check these NYC apartments for rent under $ 4.000!

Love New York City? Then for sure you love Madison Avenue! It´s cool, fashionable and located near the top shops and restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park, Ladurée, Bistró, Chat Noir and exclusive malls!!

madison-ave-rentals-1024x554 Madison Ave Check these NYC apartments for rent under $ 4.000!
The amazing Madison Ave.

You can also find 5-star Hotels like the superb Four Seasons, The Lowell and The Mark. Madison Avenue really rocks!! Nearthe exclusive 5th Avenue where you can access the best top designer Ateliers, like Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Emporio Armani, living in this location will make you feel a real celebrity!

For those who do not know where it´s located, Madison Avenue is a North-South Avenue in the borough of Manhattan and it runs from Madison Square to Harlem River Drive. It´s named after Madison Square, which at the same time, was named after James Madison, the fourth President of the United Sates.
So, if you are searching in Madison Avenue, NYC apartments, this is definitely THE place.

Now, let´s check out these amazing apartments for rent under $4,000, yes!
A reasonable price for such spectacular residences:
2  121 Madison Ave. Apt. 6J– This is an awesome newly renovated one bedroom and 1 bath apartment with hardwood floorsand a working fireplace. It´s charming, luminous and cozy. Enjoy beautiful kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a full-sized refrigerator. It also counts with a dishwasher to simplify your life! Don´t miss this apartment in an awesome building that counts with 24-hour doorman and bike storage. Get it for the price of: $3,495 (One month fee!)

3  Upper East Side: Madison Ave. apt. 38D– This is just the perfect place if you are willing to move with your family and pets! This amazing 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment offers splendid views of Central Park. It´s the tallest residential building, with luxury apartments and incredible amenities such as a fitness Center, indoor pool and outstanding services. Loved it? Rent it for $3,195!

4  Madison Park North-5th Avenue Residence Studio– This apartment (studio) is just amazing. It´s luxury at its best. It is equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a marbled bathroom. Take a break and breathe fresh air in its balcony enjoying incredible landscapes. A luxury building, which offers a 24-hour doorman, fitness center, 360-degree roof deck, valet, on-site parking and in-house laundry. You can rent this superb studio for $ $3,500.

5  Central Park- 1 bedroom- This is a one bedroom, one bath apartment at a prime location just steps away from Central Park and Museum Mile. It´s bright and fully renovated, with amazing views of the city. Beautiful decorative fireplace, granite countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances with dishwasher turn this apartment into a luxury place to live.

6  One Sixty Madison- Luxury Studio. This is an absolutely awesome studio with one bath and an integrated kitchen, which offers the best views of New York City at the majestic building of One Sixty Madison. Modern and with an exquisite style, at One Sixty Madison you can enjoy it´s huge lobby, green gardens and gorgeous decoration. This new apartment development offers wide, bright residences where the main attractions are its magnificent views. Rent your studio now for: $3,729. At One Sixty Madison you´ll find only the best!

Hope you´ve decided for your favorite residence and feel lucky for having the chance of living in one of the best places in the World! God you are fashion! So go ahead and take over New York City!



High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.

high-quality-apartments-in-manhattan2 High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There are different tools for searching High Quality apartments in Manhattan.

How many times have we´ve wanted to find high-quality apartments in Manhattan and do not know where to start from? The whole process of moving is stressful but fortunately, in an era where internet is mandatory, we can use tools that will help us out with our needs.

Now, there are certain pros and cons of using these kind of methods. They may seem very useful at first but then we realize there were not so perfect as they looked like. Why´s this? Let´s analyze the pros and cons of using these internet tools:

As we mentioned before when we want to find an apartment in New York we usually use Rental-Finding Websites, there are several renamed sites in the market which are quite famous and millions of users flock to them daily, such is the case of: StreetEasy, Craiglist or Zumper.

Each one of them will promise you the best, it’s a real blood sport in a jungle City like New York. But the question is which of them really offers the best service and publications? Again we start stressing before even starting our search.

A site like Craiglist for example, is the website where you can find anything you need, studios, three bedroom apartments or even a roommate, It´s constantly updated and is easy for landlords to share their listings but it also outstands for offering incorrect locations or details so, at the end, you wasted much more time than you´ve desired.

street-easy-no-fee-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
If you will use Street Easy no fee search browse to rental section first.

, is one of the most popular sites, it´s easy to navigate and has an excellent search criteria but although rentals on this site tend to be nicer than a many others their inventory thins out the farther you get from Manhattan. Search tool includes a “no fee option” but you need to browse to “rental” section to enable it.

zumper-no-fee-apartments-finder High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
There is no a “no fee” option in Zumper… even if you try it!

Zumper is quite original and different form the rest, offering a useful map view where you can find your residence easier. It shows you result as a series of dots with numbers representing the exact quantity of apartments you can find in that specific area. As you zoom the dots you´ll get more specific information, but not all its listings gives the actual address and, instead, you´ll only get the cross streets. Bad news it´s a little hard for searching specifically no fee apartments as you can see in the image above.

first-service-no-fee-apartments-search-tool High-quality apartments Uptown NYC and Manhattan search tools.
At you have an specific option for searching “no fee only” apartments.

If you are looking for Midtown Manhattan no fee apartments you can search them through another website known as First Service New York City, here you can get the most complete listings of residences and apartments at excellent prices. Its easy interface will allow you to navigate through the web easily saving you time and effort. It will display beautiful pictures of apartments so you can find the one of your dreams and it also counts with a “no fee only” option where you will be able to search the best luxury apartment (despite the redundancy) at no fee, so this is without any doubt a HUGE pro for this site.

So here are some of the pros and cons of searching your next New York apartment for rent through a Rental-Finding website and in my opinion, I must say that all these sites are a necessary evil as at the end will help us find our next home the best way as possible.

Hope you found my post interesting and don´t forget to make any suggestions if you feel like 😉